Paola is amazing at what she does – I had my first Reiki and Chakra Reading session and instantly felt safe and supported the minute I arrived. She is so knowledgable and tuned into what you are experiencing in order to work on exactly what is needed. I am feeling much more at peace and positive about moving forwards, and will definitely be returning for different treatments! Thank you Paola 🙂


‘Paola is really great at what she does! I had reiki and chakra reading, and feel so much more rejuvenated and lifted.Thanks to Paola I feel more connected with my natural state of being. Could not recommend her enough!’


Paola is a wonderful woman with an amazing, calming but passionate energy. She is extremely knowledgeable in this field and provided for me a Chakra feedback treatment combined with Reiki. I took a lot from it and enjoyed it very much so. I will be back to see Paola for future treatments. indeed. Highly recommend. Thank you. x


What is Chakra Reading?

A Chakra Reading session is two hours long and combines a traditional Reiki session with a reading of the chakra.

Each chakra corresponds to particular organs and particular aspects of your life, and the way each chakra moves indicates aspects of your being that are ready to be balanced and harmonised.

By hearing the feedback from your chakras, you can open up to new awareness about what is possible for you, and activate those possibilities for yourself. You will be guided to energy and consciousness processes that will allow you to shift your own chakras, even before receiving Reiki.

This process empowers you to establish a deeper relationship with your body as your guidance, to know yourself more deeply, and to open up to higher awareness and consciousness.

What happens during a Chakra Reading session?

During a session you will be laying on the healing bed, and I will be checking the movement of energy within your chakras.

I will be sharing this reading with you, and we will activate your consciousness and your energies to new vibrations and possibilities.

At the end of the session, you will receive a short Reiki treatment, to help your body integrate all the shifts in consciousness that happen during the Reiki, so you can embody your new awareness with ease and grace, and release old energies and vibration that no longer serve you.

This is a powerful session which can truly upgrade your whole being and life and will leave you feeling lighter, more centered, more aware and free to live the life you are truly meant to live.

Can I get a Chakra Reading session over the phone or video call?

Yes, this is absolutely possible and it works as effectively.

Energy knows no space (or time) barriers, and can be transmitted at any distance.

During this type of distance healing, we will do the chakra reading part of the session while you sit on a chair, and at the end you will lie down in your home to receive the Reiki healing.

The healing session will occur exactly the same way as in person, but with the advantage of being in comfort of your own home.

How long is a treatment and how much does it cost?

A full treatment usually lasts two hours, and it is integrated at the end by a short Reiki (Energy Healing) session to help the body process the healing.

The price of the sessions is £70 per hour, so for the two-hours session it is £140.

Terms and conditions apply.