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Coronavirus and Consciousness Upgrade

Seeing the current challenge as an opportunity for personal and global awakening.


I hope you are well and have peace in your heart.

Today I would like to share with you a powerful and effective way to release fear and to access the wisdom of your Higher Self. This will shift your inner state and bring about wisdom, and peace. And it’s so simple! 

Also in the video I share a a new way of looking at the concept of “healing”, which can drastically shift our approach to life itself.

I hope this sharing will assists, but my invitation is always to check in within yourself whether what you hear resonates with you, and only take it if does, and leave it if this doesn’t. You are your own healer and guru, and what might be true for me, might not be true for you. I invite you to always honour your own truth.

Sending much love and many blessings

Paola xxx

Here is the video: