More About Joy During Coronavirus

A quick video and a happy song


I hope you tare well and happy.

Yes, we are allowed to be happy, even in these challenging times. Not only we are allowed to be happy, it  is actually very important to have fun as well!

It strengthens your immune system, it makes you resiliant, and it sends out positive vibes all around you.

This is not about ignoring the people who suffer, your own suffering, or pretending that things were not happening in the world. It is not about being insensitive towards the hospital staff or people who are struggling or are in pain right now.

It is about knowing that if we all allow ourselves to collapse into sadness and despair, we can be of very little assistance to others. We would only be contributing to a vibrational field of hopelessness, which would not support the hospital workers nor the patients.

In reality we are all constantly contributing to the unified field of consciousness, and the vibration we put out is felt on a global scale. If we cut away from the joy of life, and fall into despair, this is the energy that we are amplifying for everyone else: despair.

What if we could contribute to humanity by putting out positive, supportive vibes, especially for those who struggle or are in fear and pain right now? This would create a ripple of hope which would be of much higher assistance for the people who need it the most! They all need hope from us.

Also, if we lower our vibration and fall into fear, we lower our immune system, which would definitely not help the hospital staff, nor us…

This is why the second chakra is so important: it is our centre for creativity, fun and joy. Uplifting energies are so needed right now!

Today it’s just a short video and a happy song! 

Here is the video:

… and here is the song!

By Karl Anthony