Feel totally refreshed, renewed and revitalised with the Ultimate Pampering Experience.

Indian Head Massage

First, you will receive an Indian Head Massage: your upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp will be massaged while you sit fully clothed on a chair. You will feel stress and tension melt away while feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Reiki Treatment

You will then move to the healing bed where you will receive a full Reiki Treatment, which will balance the energy of your body and will restore the optimal flow of life force energy within your body. This treatment is very powerful and has long lasting beneficial effects. The benefits of Reiki are: relief from stress, depression or anxiety, relief from physical symptoms and pain and increased vitality.

Craniosacral Balancing

You will then receive a Craniosacral Balancing Treatment. The skull, spinal cord and sacrum are connected by a continuous membrane system that contains the cerebrospinal fluid: by very gently moving and freeing the bones of the cranium, the membranes and connective tissues, tensions and imbalances are released and deep relaxation happens.

Polarity Balancing

This will be followed by Polarity Balancing, which by acting on specific acupressure points will balance the left and right side of your body, for optimal alignment of your energetic and physical system.

At the end, you will receive a Foot Massage Treatment: your feet are often neglected but they deserve full care and attention: your feet will be massaged with amazing soothing and rebalancing effects for the whole body.

You will leave feeling like a brand new person. Remember, you deserve it!

The session lasts two hours and the price is £140

Terms and conditions apply.