Testimonials for Coaching, Energy Healing and Reiki

‘Dr. Paola is amazing! My session was completely life changing. I’m extremely grateful to have met such a gifted human being! 🙏🏼’

Steve Hemmingsley

I can’t recommend Paola and her treatment – distance reiki enough. During this totally unsettling and unusual time having a treatment is essential and this is the prefect way! I was uncertain how it would work but I trusted Paola and her description of how this technique works. After my treatment i felt so much more positive and full of energy! It is lovely to know that there is someone there who can help you re-balance and gain some perspective on the situation. Can’t wait for my follow up session, thank you so much Paola! Emma x

Emma Collen

‘Paola is a wonderful woman with an amazing, calming but passionate energy. She is extremely knowledgeable in this field and provided for me a Chakra feedback treatment combined with Reiki. I took a lot from it and enjoyed it very much so. I will be back to see Paola for future treatments. indeed. Highly recommend. Thank you. x’


‘An excellent guide, support, healer with complete acceptance of whatever may be the reason you are asking for help. Transformational. Highly recommend.’


“I saw Paola for a Chakra Healing and Reiki session as I needed a mind, body and soul re-set. Paola was kind, caring and made me feel totally at ease. She explained everything well and I understood where my blockages were. I felt lighter with a sense of release after the session and “floated” out of the therapy room. I feel much better after the session and would recommend Paola as an experienced and professional energy healer and reiki practitioner. Thank you Paola, I will be back in the near future.”

Tracey Joseph

Everyone should have the experience!’


‘It is a very rare opportunity to find someone as talented and committed to her work as Paola. My reiki session was absolutely amazing and I have had immediate effects and shifts in my energy. Highly highly recommend.’


‘In my experience, Paola is an incredibly skilled practitioner who incorporates all her knowledge into healing you as a whole. I was in a place where I needed a body/mind overhaul as things physically and mentally weren’t working out for me. Paola is the right person at the right time for me. Even after the first session something shifted in me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Jackson

I have had four sessions with Paola. Each of them has been great. Paola is exceptionally smart, sensitive, and kind. She has a range of approaches, and is flexible and responsive about the best one to use in any situation. I first went to Paola for coaching about a career dilemma. This dilemma had been causing me a great deal of anxiety and I was sure that I’d need several sessions to find resolution. Amazingly, in less than half an hour, I actually felt completely clear about what I wanted to. That left my next session free for a massage. I have a professional massage training and am pretty fussy, but Paola gets five stars from me.’


I am so grateful to Paola, a loving, kind and exceptionally brilliant energy healer. I feel great after every session with her and always look forward to the next one! Thank you so much Paola! 🙏’

Guy Benn

‘It has been really wonderful; meeting, talking with and receiving Paola’s healing. She has passion for her work and helping/guiding people to heal themselves. I have received; Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Chakra Reading, very greatful’


Paola is amazing at what she does – I had my first Reiki and Chakra Reading session and instantly felt safe and supported the minute I arrived. She is so knowledgable and tuned into what you are experiencing in order to work on exactly what is needed. I am feeling much more at peace and positive about moving forwards, and will definitely be returning for different treatments! Thank you Paola 🙂


‘I am coming from a awful time where i completely lost my mind and the sense of love. I contacted Paola and I had my first session. What can I say? It had been great. I can feel how my healing has started. I cant not wait until next session. Thank you Paola;)’


‘I recently went to See Paola as I have been suffering severe depression and anxiety since a traumatic event 8yrs ago. I have received very little help from my GP over the years and events that have happened this year pushed me into looking for alternative therapies. I saw Paola’s website and decided to book a 2hr session with her including reiki. For the first time in many years I actually felt a massive sense of relief when I left, I was able to see other traumas that I had experienced as a child which I have never seen as a trauma before and Paola has put me on the path of learning to control my negative thoughts (as I am plagued with them) and at long last I am starting to think more positively and feel I have (after being lost for many years) turned a corner and I am now looking forward to recovery from the demons of my past and the black dog that has walked by my side since. I cant thank Paola enough as my life for the last few years has just been an existence but now I feel I can start living it. I would highly recommend Paola and I will definitely be going back.’


Going to see Paola is like having a mini vacation in which you can totally rejuvenate and heal. She is wonderful at what she does.


I am so pleased to have found Paola. She is such a warm, open and insightful person. With her guidance during the Chakra reading, I gained great insight into my current emotional and spiritual state. Paola has helped me to have greater self awareness and provided me with the tools to be more accepting, compassionate and loving towards myself. I will look forward to further reiki and coaching sessions with Paola.’


Paola was absolutely brilliant she was so warm and kind when I met her. She really showed me a great new sense of perspective in my life. I would recommend here to anybody, in whatever stage they are in their life!’


Paola’s a wonder’


‘With over 10 years since qualifying as a Coach I have studied and worked with many world leaders including Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra so I am very selective with whom I work, as connecting at the right level is essential for spiritual growth and increasing awareness. Paola has a deep knowledge and authentic understanding of healing, so I have no reservations in recommending her services and I look forward to working with Paola for many years to come, as she helps me on my journey.

Mike “OjasCoach” Hanna’

‘My session with Paola was a remarkable experience – educational, emotional, insightful, beautiful. I learnt so much about myself and Paola’s positive energy is inspiring and infectious!’


‘As soon as I met Paola I felt reassured and like I was in safe hands. Her energy is powerful. I felt that she really ‘got’ me and everything she said made sense in my head. I felt a significant shift following my treatment and I will return for more! I would highly recommend her treatments. Many thanks’


‘Thank you so much, that was an amazing session and I felt the Reiki energy so strongly! My headache has already gone!! Thank you!’


A professional and healing experience. The way Paola conducts the session is how I feel reiki should be delivered. Highest recommendation from me.’


‘Dear Paola, thank you so much for your lovely session and I feel immensely relaxed, nourished and in harmony. I found being in your presence a blessing in itself, your open and loving way made me feel incredibly safe, loved and calm, like being with an old friend. During the session I liked how you constantly reminded me to check in with what resonated with me and I felt it was entirely tailored to me and my needs. Thank you so much!’


‘Paola is a wonderful holistic therapist and I absolutely loved my Reiki and Chakra reading session with her. I came away feeling grounded, calm and balanced. She is warm, knowledgable and professional; offering a safe and inviting space where you feel at ease and supported. ‘


‘I took some life coaching sessions with Paola and also the Reiki 1 course. The life coaching was truly transformational, Paola helped me delve deep into myself and clear out old blockages to reveal my true self. Her approach is always warm, passionate and empathetic. I really enjoyed the Reiki course, Paola’s knowledge and enthusiasm left me excited about pursuing this approach to healing. I will be going back for level 2!’


I found Dr Paola on an online search and I am so glad I did. I had a healing with her a little over a week ago now, and this transpired to be exactly what I needed with exactly who I needed. I have just completed my Reiki Level 1 training and I am very excited to complete the whole course to become a Reiki Master trained by her wisdom. Dr Paolo will write a book and it will be a bestseller – she is profound.

Molly Evie

‘Life changing, unique! I feel like a new person afterwards. Amazing healing and a beautiful light soul! Thank you!’


‘Paola is really great at what she does! I had reiki and chakra reading, and feel so much more rejuvenated and lifted.Thanks to Paola I feel more connected with my natural state of being. Could not recommend her enough!’


Paola thank you, I had so many special moments in our session today – I felt a sense of arrival, of being in the present for the first time in a long time! As for the reiki session I felt an incredible mix of sensations from temperature changes to emotional responses but most excitingly were the kaleidoscopic colours that swirled into my awareness. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again soon!’


‘I Dear Paola, thank-you very much for a wonderful session on Friday. I left feeling very energised and positive. I look forward to more!’


‘I felt amazing after the session – like I had this deep sense of inner calm and knowing. It was lovely. Thank you Paola!’


As I approach fifty, I wanted to get myself physically and mentally strong, in a good place. My 2 hours seemed like 20 minutes and Paola was fantastic. She is very skilled and able to work her magic, she was intuitive and wise! I left energised and happier, the headache that I arrived with was gone. It is hard to describe but I had walked in with heavier shoes and left on a cloud! I would recommend Paola very highly.’

Fiona Mackinlay

‘Paola, I just wanted to say that you have done something remarkable with my back….it’s the best it’s felt in the last 2 weeks!! I sm so happy….Thank you very much!

Ali Bayliss

‘ I don’t know how to begin to thank you, or to describe the feelings of peace and calm, well-being and joy which you bring with your wonderful gift of healing. I have felt a huge sense of freedom, relief and hope since my session with you.This comes from my heart, Paola. Thank you so very much. With love, Claire’


‘After the session I felt much more connected to myself and quite joyful, open and inspired. Thank you I loved the session and all your beautiful wisdom.’


I found Paola through the internet and the healing session with her was just wonderful. She helps people to release their pain and tension and to come back to their true nature. I’m glad I met such a strong and lovely person. Love, Mima’


‘Paola is such a good coach and healer. She is the best I know, I don’t know anyone who is as good as she is, she really goes deep and to the heart’


‘I first discovered Paola while searching for a treatment to ease tension in my upper shoulders, neck and head. I opted for her Indian head massage and am so happy I did. After just one session, the tension had eased considerably and I felt so much lighter. Paola made me feel instantly comfortable with her warm and genuine welcome, and the treatment itself just was so nice and relaxing I cannot recommend it enough! I’ve since been back for a chakra reading, during which Paola gave me a fascinating insight into various aspects of my life and personality, which all resonated as if she’d known me for years. We finished that session off with a Reiki treatment, which was unlike anything I’ve experienced. Although not something I would ordinarily have tried, the effectiveness of Paola’s first session encouraged me to open my mind to new practices and I’d highly recommend others do the same. I already have my next session booked in, and I plan on utilising Paola’s therapies for years to come.’


I have had 3 healing sessions with Paola …outstanding & amazingly therapeutic spring to mind…the beneficial effects within my cells has lasted a year on. Paola really knows her stuff:)’


‘I was lucky enough to have a Reiki healing and chakra feedback session with Paola at a yoga retreat and it was amazing. Paola is such a warm, loving person and I instantly felt at ease and accepted. The advice and guidance she gave me really helped and her words really resonated with me. My energy felt more positive and harmonised afterwards. I regularly come back to what she said and the feelings she gave me and I instantly feel more positive. I would definitely recommend Paola’


‘At a time of great transition Paola supported me emotionally and physically with her great gifts of healing and compassion. She has allowed me through her work to be at one again with myself and the Universe. I am so truly blessed that she has been part of my healing journey’

Jo Frank

I just wanted to say thank you to you Paola Bisicchia – you gave me the mental healing and energy when I was depressed and confused and was the instigator in me realising what I needed to do to make the changes that I have done. I am soo much happier already just doing the things that I enjoy! Thank you and hope to see you again soon x’


Hi Paola, Thank you so much for the session today. I came out smiling and smiled the whole way home! I’ve been feeling really good since too. I found it so interesting and it all felt so right.journey’


‘I find Paola a very serious and good healer, always available when I need her. When I experience healing treatments it immidiately has a positive effect on me and its benefics last for days. As a life coach Paola can help you to honour yourself and value your life more. So I’d strongly reccomend her as healer and life coach.’


Thank you for my first experience of Reiki and energy healing. I didn’t know what to expect but was amazed! You read me perfectly, made me realise I can’t control everything and I can let go. The warmth and energy radiating from you was so calming and I really hadn’t expected to feel the energy course through my body like that. The immediate effect on my peace of mind and my yoga practice which has relaxed and changed cannot be put into words. Thank you for this experience. X’


Thank you so much for my session today, I really enjoyed it, very educational and helpful. Your approach to healing is perfect, I felt I could understand how the chakras work, the effect they can have on me and the root cause of any issues I have, also how to practice keeping up your good work when I have left! I truly do feel much better, it has only enhanced my belief in energy healing, you are very gifted and a lovely lady to be around so thank you I really appreciate it!’


I came to Paola for the first time after a rough few weeks and in a very fragile state. But the moment I met her I was so happy I chose to come to her for healing. She has such a calm and loving aura about her and all we spoke about gave me great comfort. I think she is a wonderful healer and I am looking forward to my next visit to her.’


‘Paola! It was amazing to be with you! Lots of energy and love goes around me now! Right now I am feeling the same as a person who just came out of prison: with freedom! Thank you so much! With love xxx.’


‘This was my first ever energy session and I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I needed clarity of the mind so that I could be clear on the direction of aspects in my life and that is exactly what Paola has given me. She taught me how to help my mind and body to work together on my dreams and goals rather than letting my mind take all the weight. I feel happy, I feel calm and most importantly I have clarity of where I wish my life to go… I will ride the waves on my path.’


‘Paola you are really good at what you do, you deserve success because you are ‘clean’ and your real interest is to help people to feel better and to re-discover how amazing they are! In your presence one can really trust and surrender to the process. You are pure, totally pure to your bones!’

‘Sei proprio brava Paola. Meriti proprio tanto successo perché sei “pulita” e il tuo interesse vero è aiutare le persone a stare meglio… riscoprire quanto sono meravigliose!
Di te ci si puo’ davvero fidare, ed affidarsi completamente. Sei “bianca” fino all’osso!’

Valeria, Italy (Skype calls)

‘Before being treated by Paola, I felt extremely burdened by emotional issues, and as a result wasn’t sleeping at all. I was amazed that after a few sessions, my mind cleared and my sleeping patterns were much better. The stress headaches also disappeared. A fantastic experience, fully recommended.’


‘I decided to book an appointment with Paola as she was highly recommended to me by a friend. I can now understand why! Paola instantly makes you feel at ease with her warmth and comforting approach to her work. Since having treatment with Paola, I have become a lot calmer and relaxed – my partner has noticed how much happier I seem! Paola has helped me to understand my mind and not to take it too seriously – and this has helped me so much with every aspect in my life. Thank you Paola for your lovely treatments and helping me on my journey in life.’

Sarah Maslen-Leese

‘Paola is a very talented, intelligent and profoundly effective healer. She has a great ability to create palpable energy changes that I have found to have such a positive effect on my inner and outer life that I am starting Reiki training. I highly recommend her!’


‘This was my first Reiki & chakra reading experience
It was set in a nice quiet & relaxing environment & Paola was wonderful in guiding me through the process.
Everything was explained well & I felt very comfortable the whole way through.
The main focus was the chakra reading which was a lovely experience of a deep inner connection.
Recognising where different areas of my life could be improved, opening up to these possibilities & allowing these changes in to my life.
One by one each Chakra was explored and along with guidance & direction from Paola we were able to work together in exploring where perhaps the improvements could be made.
It was so lovely to have someone who themselves were very connected and so had the ability to really tune in to what they felt & saw.’


‘From my first meeting with Paola I knew she was something special: in the space of 20 minutes she has helped me relieve what had beena huge weight on my body and spirit. I felt more at peace with myself than I had in years. Seeing Paola has helped me to keep my physical and spiritual being in balance and with every session I am becoming a stronger spiritual being. I feel my psychic abilities growing and I am becoming the person I always felt I could be. I can’t thank her enough for everything and I will continue to grow thanks to Paola’s guidance’.


I have been in a spiritual journey for one year now and Paola has truly depicted what a true healing session entails. It was amazing to have my closed chakras opened and healed. In addition, she is very gifted with understanding energy and is truly an empathic listener.’


‘Dear Paola, I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for the lovely session on Wednesday. There was a lot of life wisdom for me to take on board, and things to remember in my daily life. As you know, I felt that the session has helped to shift some of the weight from my chest. I am also trying to be in better control of my thoughts :-)’


‘I have had reiki treatments by Paola and distance healing, which has been a great experience and support for me. I received distance healing treatments when I was feeling tired and fatigued, and I found myself refreshed and more energetic after the treatment. I felt I needed to have reiki after suffering from undealt with pain bought on by bereavements, it helped me to acknowledge some of the emotional pain and feelings. This enabled a great sense of relief, followed by peace and contentment. It has enabled me to move on in my life with a greater sense of clarity. Paola is a very warm and natural energy healer. She will make you feel very comfortable and calm in her presence. She is very caring and a great listener, which is essential in helping you come to terms with any issues and feelings you may be coming to terms with.’


Had a wonderful treatment with Paola, beautiful head massage, followed by “Body Wisdom Healing”. Paola is warm, compassionate and very lovely. Really enjoyed my treatments, learnt lots and moved blockages. Thanks so much Paola.’


 ‘I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first energy session with Paola but having received a wonderful Indian Head Massage from her I knew that I wanted to find out more about the other modalities she works with. I found her approach chimed beautifully with what I wanted from a session – more information and understanding about the energies within my body and the chakra system and greater harmony and balance. Paola really reinforced what I have come to understand through my personal reading and experiences, that we need to participate actively in our healing. Paola is like the magic piece of the puzzle that took me from striving and missing to opening and allowing greater balance within my system.’ 


‘I didn’t know what to expect before I was first treated, though Paola had been well-recommended to me. After treatment, I had a great feeling of well-being and calm. My energy levels have increased significantly. All very positive.’


I really enjoyed my Energy Healing session. The guided meditation was very powerful and the Reiki was also amazing. I could really feel negative energy leaving my body and I came out feeling refreshed and revitalized. Thank you Paola! ‘


Dear Paola, I am writing to thank you for the healing work you have done on me, specifically Quantum Touch. Some of the things I have witnessed as a result of these two 90 minute sessions are: Ribs and bones that were out of place have shifted into place, improving my posture. This makes me feel more confident as well. A skin condition that I have had for more than a year has greatly improved and is nearly gone. To my amazement, a mole type mark that I have had on the outside of my right knee for more than 25 years is now gone. I was stabbed there with a very sharp pencil when I was 12 years old. It had a bit of lead in it and left a brown circular mark that looked like a mole. Eleven years later I saw a dermatologist and he said that he could remove it, but it would leave a tattoo like mark, so I decided not to do it. Less than 48 hours after a session with you I looked down and noticed that it (brown mole) was full of white fluid. That disappeared within a couple days and now there is no mark of any sort on the outside of my right knee. Though I am grateful for all that you have done that specific one is remarkable and so unexpected. On top of the healing work you have done, you are such a warm, positive and glowing person. Thank you for all you have done. I look forward to future sessions. You are a true blessing!’


‘A little pause and reflection is what we all need. I did charka reading and Reiki and it was truly very refreshing. She truly cleansed my body and mind. Paola made the process very comfortable and I learnt a lot about myself that I didn’t even know about! I would recommend this to anyone not only for the one’s who needs guidance in life but souls that simply needs replenish their souls sometimes!’


‘I started receiving various treatments and just completed Reiki 2! I do highly recommend it! Very focused and effective 1-2-1 course. Paola is very welcoming and a great Reiki Master. The treatments have been the best thing I’ve done and they helped a lot; her different trainings makes it very effective.’


‘Paola is a wonderful, very empathetic, kind person, who is encouraging, knowledgeable, and warm. I saw her for a chakra reading and a Reiki session, and felt much lighter and happier afterwards. I also felt as if I released a lot of blocks and let go of negative thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back and energetically weighing me down. I would certainly recommend her and would also visit her again. Thank you so much for your guidance and help! xx’


‘Thank you Paola 😊 Having booked in today for an EFT session I am so pleased to have found and met you!
I felt lighter coming from the session and feel great this evening too because it was such a helpful, learning & overall deep and powerful (but gentle) experience for me. I felt comfortable with you immediately which meant alot and I was able to relax and focus on the healing and the guidance and insight you gave. Thank you so much for your understanding, gentleness, and amazing gift of healing power. Your knowledge on the whole subject of energy was fascinating. I’m very grateful and look forward to booking in for a reiki & chakra session with you in a few weeks.
Best wishes..🌟’


Testimonials for Massage

“Incredible. I have had many sports/deep tissue massages before, but never so thorough and healing. I felt so much weight lift and tension release. Paola is incredible; skilled, kind and inspiring. I will be a grateful regular! I can’t recommend her enough. Go and see her, you will feel better!”

Rebecca bates

Indian head massage with Paola was incredibly relaxing, I fell asleep it was that good. Book my husband in for one the next day. Can’t wait for my next session!


‘My first Indian Head massage and what a treat! At the end of the treatment felt so relaxed and rejuvenated. Can not wait to try other treatments, thank you so much!’


Paola is truly a positive, kind and friendly person and is definitely doing something she is passionate about. She was really accommodating at really short notice and changed her plans to be able to fit me in the same day which I was really grateful for as I was in a lot of pain. The room is a tranquil oasis at the end of the garden; it was fragrant, warm, softly lit and clean. I had a Deep Tissue Massage for my neck, shoulders and back and Paola worked out a lot of knots and tension and I left feeling relaxed and a lot better than when I went in. My partner has also had a massage from Paola before; she is the only person who he has felt so relaxed with during the massage that he fell asleep. I intend to go back again to see Paola and would definitely recommend and give 10 out of 10 all around. Thank you Paola, you really improved my day.

Rebekan Hayward

‘I have had two massages with Paola. I really appreciate her respecful, attentive and kind attitude. She makes you feel very welcome and I would highly recommend her services.


Had a lovely, relaxing Indian Head Massage with Paola. Would recommend for anyone in need of a good de-stress!


 “I had been struggling with my sleep for many months, and was very stressed, carrying pain in my neck, head and shoulders on a daily basis.  After just 1 Indian Head Massage with Paola, I slept through the night for the next 3 nights, had little to no pain in my neck and shoulders, and my headaches had reduced in length and frequency.  It really was quite amazing.  Paola made me feel so comfortable straight away, and is just such a wonderful positive person to spend time with.”


Thank you Paola, what a wonderful, relaxing experience. I knew I wanted a massage but didn’t realize how much my body needed it until feeling so amazing after! You have a powerful touch that my senses responded gratefully to. I will be coming back for more!’


‘I went for a full body massage and Indian head massage, which were both great. I’ve had a lot of massages before, but Paola seemed to find muscles other people never reach, which was amazing and really helped with some lower back issues I’ve been having. Paola is skilled and has a healing touch, highly recommended.’


Thank you Paola for your wonderful indian massage! I have serious sleeping problems and after your massage I slept well all night long and I felt so relaxed, you are special! Hope to try it again as soon as possible! With great gratitude, Terry’


Thank you Paola, the massage was wonderful, I have never felt so relaxed before!’


Thank you Paola, it was amazing! My shoulders feel so much lighter already, and I am so relaxed! I slept so much better after the massage! look forward to many more massages with you.’


Your massage is amazing, you’ve got angel’s hands!’


Thank you for a great Indian Head Massage! My mind was able to completely switch off, and I felt extremely relaxed! It is amazing especially because my mind never switches off. Thank you!’


I had an Indian head massage with Paola last week and I have felt completely relaxed ever since. She has a wonderful healing touch and calming presence, and I really felt like I traveled to another world! I would highly recommend a treatment from her to anyone who needs to relax, sleep better and generally feel more positive. Thanks Paola!”


Thank you so much for a wonderful treatment, I felt so relaxed and slept like a baby afterwards.The tension I’ve been feeling has considerably reduced too, I didn’t expect the results to be so quickly noticeable, so thank you!’


It’s very hard to find a good holistic therapist and healer in Oxford. I was so glad when I found Paola and opted for the Indian Heasd Massage. It was amazing! Especially finishing with some Reiki healing. I have felt the benefits ever since; feeling more positive, sleeping better, no more headaches! I could go on. Definitely worth a visit’


The Indian head massage with Paola was simply magical! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in the beginning and then I didn’t want it to end! I was so relaxed after it! I would definitely recommend her!’


The Indian Head Massage was a wonderful experience. I was sceptical but have always kept an open mind with  alternative forms of treatment. After the massage I felt rejuvenated and revitalised and was able to work better. I was amazed at how my productivity had increased for the rest of day.’


During my Indian Head Massage, I felt deep waves of relaxation slowly flow over me, as tension was drawn to my surface and gently eased out and blown to the wind. While Paola’s skillful hands were massaging my head, neck and back, I felt the tingling energy rushing down my spine and coursing through my whole body. Then towards the end, peace and stillness gently washed over me as my mind was quieted – a very rare occurrence for me! – and tranquility reigned.”


Thank you so much for your Indian Head Massage treatment the other day. Since then, I’ve been so good and the way of seeing things has changed!”


Thank you for a lovely massage today, my neck is much better. I am not in pain and my neck and shoulder feels lighter & normal after a long time…!”