Paola Bisicchia is a Doctor in Molecular Biology and Genetics, and a fully certified Transformational Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Healer and Holistic Therapist.

Her mission is to help people live in alignment with who they truly are and find the joy that comes from living their truth and their life purpose.

She assists people who wish to let go of any of physical, emotional or mental complications that they feel are hindering them, not only to let go of these issues, but also to use them as stepping stones towards opening up to a new, freer and more expanded way of living.

Paola’s approach to Energy Healing and Coaching originates from her own personal journey of radical transformation and expansion (you can read below Paola’s personal story), and it involves combining Energy Healing with awareness in order to enable clients to get in touch with their own inner wisdom and guidance.

Working together in this process, her clients can become free to achieve their optimal physical and emotional health, to step into their true, fully realised self, and to live the life they truly want to live from a place of empowerment, clarity and joy.

Paola’s Healing sessions provide deep, fast and lasting transformations, as affirmed by the many positive testimonials by her clients (click here to see the testimonials)

Paola’s scientific background (a Master’s degree in Genetics and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and years of experience as a Scientist researcher at Oxford University) allows her to achieve a rational, down to earth approach to Energy Healing and its potential for enhancing human health and well being.

Paola’s story

I was born as a happy child, with a big natural love for life. My mother told me that when I was a baby, I used to wake up every morning with a huge smile on my face, and with open arms towards her and towards the world to give, and to receive, love.

I was, in other words, embodying the love that I am! Life then was about playing, having fun, loving, exploring, and creating.

Then something changed while I was still really young: I started to feel pressure. Pressure from my family, particularly from my father, who no matter how good I was at school, or at sports, never seemed to approve of me or show me love.

I felt unloved, and unworthy. so in order to try and get the love and approval that I was missing, I stopped living life for me, and I started to live my life according to other people’s expectation, or better, according to my interpretation of their expectations.

I put all my energy in my studies, as I felt that expectation on me, and I left fun and joy behind. I started to live a lot in my mind, and not so much in my body and my instincts, as a way to try and control and find protection from a reality that did not make make me feel loved.

This continued even when my father passed away when I was 14: I still felt huge pressure, from somewhere within myself, to perform, so that one day maybe I could get the love and approval that I could no longer feel within me.

I then became a scientist and researcher in microbiology, just like my father. But even though I won grants and awards for my excellence in science, I could never feel real satisfaction, as it would soon be replaced by the pressure to achieve the next goal.

Until I realised that the pressure that I was feeling was ultimately not real, nor was it mine. That I did not need to strive, to achieve, to perform. That I was, and had always been, that beautiful being full of natural love that smiled at the world every morning. That the time had come to set myself free from pressure, conditioning, and self judgement. So I freed myself.

In this freedom, I no longer needed to try and get love and approval from the outside world, as the source of this love was, and had always been, within me.

In this freedom, the truth of who I really am started to emerge, effortlessly and joyfully. I discovered myself as gay, and accepted it with excitement and gratitude. I discovered myself as a healer and a coach, and I accepted this other gift with much joy. Both discoveries were met with disapproval and judgement from my family, but the love I had for me, and the excitement to be embarking on the discovery of myself, was so big that any judgement was met with love, with compassion for the limiting believes of others, and with gratitude for my own journey of freedom and expansion.

This is why I am so passionate about paying this forward, and helping others to be who they came here to be, and to set themselves free.

To let go of the need to please others, and to start living their life, the life they truly want and deserve, and not a life lived according to other people’s expectations.

To live less in the mind and more in the present moment, the body, and the instincts.

To see themselves as the love they truly are, and to live from the heart.

To enjoy life as the wonderful adventure that it truly is.

What if we came here to play?

Let us be free, and play.