Root Chakra First Chakra

Wellbeing support during coronavirus: your Root Chakra

Strengthen your immune system through your connecting with nature, its abundance and by cultivating gratitude.


I hope you are well.

I am reaching out to offer some perspectives and assistance in this very special time.

It is truly a time for global transformation and for the emerging on Unity Consciousness.

Wonderful shifts are already happening on a personal and global level: so much love, compassion, generosity and positivity are being embodied by so many right now! It is wonderful to witness.

And yet the temptation to fall into fear and separation is very big. This happens because this virus challenges our sense of safety, which activates our ego. 

In these times of great uncertainty and collective fear, it is important to keep ourselves centred, balanced and strong, positive and open to our True Self.

In this video I share how to do so and how to thrive in these times of uncertainty.