Solar Plexus Chakra Third Chakra

Wellbeing Support During Coronavirus: Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Strengthening your personal power and awakening your True Self

I hope this email finds you well.

These are challenging times, and it’s important to recognise that we are all being affected, although some of us much more than others. 

If you have lost loved ones, or are personally struggling with the illness, or have to put your life on the line for others, or you have lost your job or are struggling with mental health, my heart goes out to you, and I think that just getting through your day and going through all this is an amazing achievement.

Even if you haven’t been impacted much by this challenge, still be gentle with yourself, because we are all being affected by this massive change, physically and emotionally. So tend to your emotions, take care of yourself and let go of any pressure to do, achieve, or be a certain way. We are all navigating uncharted seas, and we are all being re-born into a different world. So let’s be tender with the newborn baby that we are. Let’s be gentle with him/her.

Also, what if we could use this challenge as an opportunity to birth ourselves into a new way of being and living, one that we choose? What if we could clearly see what we are ready to let go of, and what we are ready to embrace?

This is the way we can contribute to the reset that is happening on a global level, so we can all emerge on the other side of this renewed, more empowered as individuals and ready to contribute to a totally new way of being in the world.

This is what the solar plexus is all about: your personal power. 

Today’s video is about awakening and strengthening your sense of personal power and your awareness of who you truly are and want to be in the world.

Here is the video: